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For over a decade, we have been crafting compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact on the lives of our valued collaborators and clients, seamlessly merging technology with the dynamic world of influencer marketing.

Airfluencers has remained committed to being at the forefront of trend anticipation, constantly pushing boundaries to stay ahead in the market.

Across various sectors, who have already reaped the benefits of our services, delivering exceptional value and unwavering dedication.

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At Airfluencers, our core focus lies in fostering connections between individuals

With a rich history spanning over 11 years, we have diligently worked towards our mission of facilitating fruitful collaborations between companies and influencers, enabling mutual growth. We take a holistic approach, meticulously crafting solutions that encompass every step of the journey – from searching and analyzing to hiring digital influencers – all in an effort to expedite and optimize this partnership process, ensuring it is both efficient and effective.



To foster connections between brands and content creators by leveraging a potent blend of engaged collaborators, data-driven insights, exceptional performance, and our cutting-edge proprietary technology. By harnessing the power of collaboration, informed decision-making, and innovative technology, we empower brands and content creators to forge powerful partnerships that drive tangible results and foster long-lasting relationships.



To transcend boundaries and establish ourselves as the definitive reference and leader in the dynamic world of influencer marketing. By constantly innovating and staying ahead of the curve, we strive to inspire and guide the industry, consistently delivering unparalleled value to our esteemed clients and partners.



At the core of our company, we hold in high regard the importance of fostering meaningful relationships among individuals, cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, and nurturing a culture of innovation. We firmly believe in making a profound impact on the lives of every individual we encounter by fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

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Airfluencers is born.

In 2011, we entered the market with the social listening tool, Airstrip, laying the foundation for everything that was to come in the world of digital influence.


We are a research-centric company.

We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate the needs of our clients and deliver results that are not only precise and data-driven but also sensitive and easily actionable. Our dedicated Insights team possesses the expertise to dive deep into the intricacies of the market, uncovering valuable insights that empower our clients to make informed decisions with confidence.


AirSearch: Brazil trailblazing platform that revolutionized influencer marketing.

In 2016, we proudly launched AirSearch, a pioneering influencer search and profile analysis platform that stood as the first of its kind in Brazil. What set it apart even further was its distinction as the only platform available in Portuguese, catering to the specific needs of our local market. 


Welcome to AirLab, your go-to destination for influencer analysis and curation.

With our creative studio, we are dedicated to offering consultative insights that go beyond surface-level analysis. Our team is committed to delivering comprehensive strategies and actionable recommendations that pave the way for companies seeking accelerated growth in the market. 


We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our solution portfolio.

Introducing two innovative tools that are set to redefine the influencer marketing landscape.

Hypolake: A game-changer in the campaign analysis that is designed to empower our clients with comprehensive insights into their digital influencer marketing campaigns. Propozall: A streamlined solution for influencers, freelancers, and companies that simplifies the process of organizing budgets and contracts, bringing efficiency and clarity to collaborations.

Dashboard Hypolake e Propozall


Acquisition of the Permeets platform by Airfluencers

Permeets is a sophisticated and secure technological platform developed with the aim of enabling the collection and management of Personal Data and Consents through QR codes, Plugins, and Applications, in compliance with the LGPD (General Data Protection Law).


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